SPL offer two types of stainless steel passivating depending on your requirements:

  • nitric acid passivation
  • nitric acid with sodium dichromate passivation

The stainless steel passivation process removes all surface impurities and stimulates the development of an oxide film which protects the component from rust and corrosion. In general all tanks are made up specifically for the job at hand which means you can always be assured of a fresh solution.

Pretreatment: All components are pretreated with a degreaser to remove grease, oils, coolants, machining chips and other microscopic contaminants.

Nitric Acid Passivation: Suited to Chromium-Nickel Grades (300 Series) and Grades with 17% Chromium or more (except 440 Series).

Nitric Acid with Sodium Dichromate Passivation: Suited to straight Chromium Grades (12-14% Chromium), High Carbon-High Chromium Grades (440 Series) and Precipitation Hardening Stainless.